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Cloud based vacation rental and property management solution.

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Changing from an old system to a new one when you have over 100 agents, 2,000 properties and write over 5,000 leases would ordinarily be a very large task, but not with Real Time. The system is so user friendly and the entire staff at Real Time so helpful, friendly and knowledgeable that it was smooth sailing the entire way. Thank you everyone at Real Time.


Hello Sherry,

I wanted to take a minute to say thank you to you and all of your staff. After suffering through inadequate software finding you all was a true blessing. From the first phone conversation you and I had every experience has been positive. Even going beyond your company to the other companies you are affiliated with for credit card processing, rental insurance, etc. they have all been just as professional and on the ball as you. I was beginning to think that kind of work ethic was a thing of the past but now I know there are people out there that put customer service and satisfaction first and obviously work as many hours a day as I do.

I have used two other software programs in the past and Realtime is head and heals above what I was used to. It is so user friendly. Your staff is awesome and their support is priceless. It is so refreshing to work with people who are so professional and actually care enough to make sure their clients are happy. Every time I have needed them they have been there to help me work through unusual situations and they never make you feel like you don’t know what you are doing. Their ability to customize the program to our needs as a small growing company is something I didn’t expect and is priceless to us. My staff has been able to jump into the program in our peak rental season with very little training which is a testimony to how user friendly the program is. We’ve hardly scratched the surface of all the tools available to us so every day is a new surprise that makes our lives easier.

Since switching over to Realtime our business is operating much more efficiently. Now we can continue to grow without the growing pains we had before. Your integration with the on-line sites we use is saving us valuable time enabling us to have the time to focus on our growth.

As a Broker in North Carolina where our trust account rules are very strict it is very comforting to know that your program complies with all the standards of the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. From an accounting standpoint by job is much easier and I feel much more confident that everything is being done properly.

Thanks again for all that you guys do for us. Please share this email with Ellen, Bette Ann and Tim. There are days I feel like they work right next to us in our office not several states away. I hope they realize how good they are and how much we appreciate them.

Please feel free to share my email and phone number with anyone who is considering Realtime for their software. I will be glad to answer their questions any time.


The most sales business that I receive from the rentals is listings. We build strong relationships with our homeowners, so when they are ready to sell, we are a perfect choice to list their home.  I currently have three of our vacation rentals listed for sale. Last year I listed one of our vacation rentals, and sold it to a buyer who put it back on our vacation rental program.  When trying to decide between 3 properties, I was able to print rental history/income from RealTimeRental making it an easy choice for the buyer. I have an awesome story from 2010.  We rented a home for a weekend to a family who wanted to look at property to purchase a vacation home.  I showed them property over the weekend and sold them a 5 bedroom lakefront home.   They listened to everything that we told them to do when setting up the home for a vacation rental.   This home became our most popular and highest producing vacation rental during their first year on our vacation rental program.
Thank You,

Dear Sherry

As a small business owner, I appreciate a few things that Real Time Rental does for me.  First, property search on our web site is very professional and always accurate - that's huge. Second, by keeping track of the day-to-day operations (lease status, payment tracking), RTR allows me to focus on the marketing and growth of my business.  Finally, the year-end accounting is a huge time saver.  Knowing that I can have important accounting information at the click of a button is always very reassuring.


Dear Sherry,

Our agency had developed our own in house software and had reached the point in growth that we needed to make a software improvement to facilitate our growth.  Due to the size of our book of business we felt the best solution was to have a web based program that owners could access and worked with most of the other offices that we deal with, eliminating the need to phone in our rentals to them.  In addition, we wanted a stable back office solution that made check issue and 1099 reporting easy.

After doing much research we choose RealTimeRental.  They we on the right path with their software and it met our needs.  Having gone through four seasons and having the major Realtors in our area on RealTimeRental , has proven our decision was the correct one. RealTimeRental continues to listen to their users and improve their software program going forward. 


Dear Sherry,

I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for providing our company with a top notch online program for our vacation rentals. 

I am very pleased to have RealTimeRental as our rental database and online service for our vacation rental properties.  The back office services are highly effective.  Checking availability and lease creation is a snap, especially when you have 10 or 12 agents working on the system at the same time.  The back office reports are so helpful in keeping track of check in, checkout and money.  When I have a learning curve or a question about the program, the response I get from RealTimeRental is immediate.  And if there is not an immediate answer, I get the needed information in a very timely manner.  I find the people and service to be highly profession and very responsive.  That is probably one of the things I like best about your service – it is personal.  If I contact you about a question or concern, I always feel like I am important and not an interruption.  I believe acquiring this online service has been a big step into creating a more robust rental service for my offices.

Thank you,  

RealTimeRental is a software program that is moving with the times via their marketing strategies, software expertise and hands on response team. I migrated to RealTimeRental from another reputable reservation software program in 2003, and fortunately have not had to look back and regret this long-term decision. I am always amazed to see new features that are popping up in the RealTimeRental software as we move forward in different directions on our internal business.

RealTimeRental is a true partner not because they just produce the same product year after year, but they actually lift you up as a real estate professional because of their timely enhancements on a continual basis. I never have any trouble reaching anyone from the RealTimeRental team and that is truly invaluable. Any questions, they are right on it.

The migration was made manageable with RealTimeRental’s intense dedication to a new client and wanting to make sure they carried the majority of the load through the process. We migrated our entire system and were literally up and running with RealTimeRental in a matter of days.

The accounting department got undivided attention and RealTimeRental did not rest until our entire staff was 100% comfortable with the system and all facets were smooth and running. Sherry was my contact 8years ago, and remains a strong point of contact today.  The price point also that RealTimeRental offers is fair and is of great value, especially for small businesses that need cutting edge technology yet do not have million dollar technology budgets.

RealTimeRental is worth every penny and they are a great asset to our company and have helped us achieve success and growth in the past years. I boast to new clients about our software program and use this as a sell when discussing all the features that RealTimeRental offers to the property owner to track reservations and payments.


In 2009 I contacted RealTimeRental to investigate their program.  I was delighted to find that they have a strong accounting/financial system, a strong internet user friendly site for our clients and customers, a large staff that has been available and gets back in touch, and an overall fabulous rental program for our industry.  Sherry Tomasso, Joe Testa, Tim O’hara and all of their contact and support staff have been a pleasure to work with. 

Having changed systems before, this transition has been painless and I believe is a great indication of the success of their business.  I am excited to be a part of the RealTimeRental program and would gladly speak to any potential clients should they have questions.

Thank you,

My husband, and I did a lot of research and we worked with Sherry Tomasso on the demo in 2004.  The main differentiation at the time that separated RealTimeRental from the competition was price.  RealTimeRental did what their competitors did, but for less up front. RealTimeRental was also very customizable, and with our requirements, we could not work with any “out of the box” system.   The team at RealTimeRental is always easy to work with.

Since our decision to move with RealTimeRental over their competition, I’ve heard so many stories from peers around the country, who had software outages for as much as 5 days at a time.  We never had an outage of that nature with RealTimeRental. 

So I believe that our decision that we made was a good one and I don’t regret it.


Summer rentals are a large part of our company’s business.  With over 1500 properties in our database and several thousand reservations to track annually, one of our concerns was with rental systems was our volume.  From my experience with RealTimeRental, no company is too large or does too much business.

In addition to the systems capabilities, the internet driven system is user friendly.  We regularly receive compliments from our customers who use our website for their rental search.   We also benefit tremendously as we are in a unique market place and share our rental listing authorizations with other local vacation rental managers.  The RealTimeRental system has tracked these alternate bookings for us since 2000 and we’ve never had a double booking with an agency who utilizes the technology as well.

No other system that I have come across has the same capabilities and that’s why I endorse RealTimeRental to any property management company.


I would say that the tech support is the one thing that puts RTR ahead of the competition.  Software is only as good as the support department that stands behind it. My feeling is that a program with all the bells and whistles does no one any good if you can’t use it or teach someone how to take advantage of all the features. I don’t have that issue with RealTimeRental. The support team is great and Tim has been fantastic from day one.  

The reporting is getting better and custom reports are always options to customize reports if you need one specific for your business. In fact, we just began using a new custom report will help a great deal with various requests we receive from Housekeeping, Maintenance and Reservations for Owner and residence information. 

Compared to what I have previously experienced, the conversion process from our former software was a smooth transition.  Our questions and concerns were always taken seriously by RTR and every effort was made to provide an immediate solution.  Barring that, the situation was addressed in a timely manner.

For what we pay and what we get I think RTR gives us the most bang for our buck.  Ease of use and Security of Data are two areas that put RTR ahead of the competition. 

RTR reservation system is swift, user friendly and reliable.  We have been clients of RTR for many years and look forward to continuing a great relationship!


RTR reservation system is swift, user friendly and reliable. We have been
clients of RTR for many years and look forward to continuing a great relationship!
James W.

Checking availability and lease creation is a snap,
especially when you have 10 or 12 agents working on the system at the same time.
The back office reports are so helpful in keeping track
of check in, checkout and money.
Maggie F.-K.

No other system that I have come across has the same capabilities and that's why
I endorse RealTimeRental to any property management company.
Dustin L.

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