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Cloud based vacation rental and property management solution.

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What exactly is RealTimeRental®?
RealTimeRental® is an ASP model property management software. ASP means Application Service Provider. We are 100% Internet based. We are 100% in Real Time – there is no delay in the updating of information.

How do we save you time?
We save you time by offering a complete, streamlined full-service reservation and accounting package. RealTimeRental® consolidates and coordinates virtually EVERY detail of any type of rental transaction as well as property management. The system offers all parties a greater peace of mind through real-time access to all the pertinent information regarding the transaction via the Internet.

What are the benefits of using an Internet based software?
An Internet based program will give you the ability to work remotely from anywhere you have an Internet connection. It is a system that can be used 24/7, anywhere at anytime.

What do I need to setup RealTimeRental®?
All you really need is access to the Internet!

Technical Specifications

The system requirements for the RealTimeRental are as follows:

Recommended Specifications:

Processor Speed
  • Any modern processor with at least a gigahertz rating over 1GHz.
Operating System
  • Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
  • 1GB of RAM (Random Access Memory.) or More
  • Internet Explorer Version 6 or greater
(RTR uses widely used business-friendly Microsoft technologies)
Disk Space
  • 100MB of free space in order to download
    'Microsoft Crystal Reports' generated Reports.
  • Monitor with a 1024X768 minimum display resolution
  • Broadband or DSL Internet connection

What does RealTimeRental® bring to the Brokers / Property Managers?
RealTimeRental® is the most efficient system for rental transactions because it eliminates the drudgery of time consuming paperwork for the broker / property manager, while providing owners and tenants with clear and professional documentation. From the initial tenant / guest inquiry through to the last 1099 generated, RealTimeRental® coordinates and keeps up to date all information and documents necessary to a successful rental transaction. Because all of this takes place through the Internet, the information you need can be accessed at anytime from anywhere.

Is the system user friendly?
Yes. RealTimeRental® is completely Windows driven with easy to follow wizards that take you through all processes. 'Just point and click'

What makes RealTimeRental® unique?
RealTimeRental® requires virtually no hardware upgrades to utilize the software. All universal enhancements to the system are provided through the Internet and are included with pricing – no need to buy the “newest” version. No installation visit by a technical consultant is necessary – we will supply you with your log-ins and passwords to access the system. We insure that the hardware is continually upgraded to offer the most reliable, cutting-edge service possible, and we only work with established companies such as Data return™. RealTimeRental® is designed for the Internet on an E-Commerce Industrial Strength Platform. It is not merely web-enabled like most other software packages.

    How reliable is the RealTimeRental® system?

Unmatched Versatility through Enterprise Level Technology Solutions
RealTimeRental® has been developed from the ground up for performance, reliability, security and scalability. RealTimeRental® was developed on and utilizes the entire spectrum of the Microsoft’s Enterprise development suite – Active Server Pages, .NET Framework and SQL Server.Other proven technologies, including SAP’s Crystal Reports, Adobe PDF, AJAX and web services are used to provide a best in class solution.

Reliability through Managed Hosting
By contracting with Rackspace - the industry leader in fully managed hosting, RealtimeRental® has guaranteed its customers the same level of service that benefits and runs the IT operations of Fortune 500 companies. RealtimeRental® application is hosted in a highly managed facility, which conforms to the highest industry standards. The datacenter that hosts RealtimeRental is a maximum-security, carrier-class facility featuring:

  • Completely redundant, Cisco-powered network with Cisco uptime guarantee
  • Redundant commercial power feeds backed up by redundant diesel generators through a fault tolerant power supply system (surge protection, multiple power grids, and facilities-based AC/DC battery backup).
  • Biometric palm readers, 24x7 on site security, video monitoring, and card key access
  • Direct connection to the internet backbone via numerous DS-3 and higher connections provided by multiple suppliers such as Sprint, Espire, UUNet, Savvis, and IXA. Traffic routing is optimized across the various backbone providers using BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) and all core routing is handled by CISCO routers.
  • Data protection using industry standard schedules using tape and network technology.
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention monitoring solution – both automated and attended by operators
High Availability and Scalability through Cloud Solutions
RealTimeRental ® has been designed and built to scale rapidly as user demands increases. We have put the emphasis on the reliability and the scalability of our services by upgrading our infrastructure to run RealtimeRental® runs inside a Private Cloud environment. “Private” in Private Cloud means that 100% of the underlying hardware is dedicated to RealTimeRental and its Customers. Running in a Cloud environment allows us to rapidly provide more computing power, on demand, in real time, as our Customers demands increase.

Growth through Innovation
RealTimeRental® has always relied on the proven, but also cutting edge technologies available from the leading IT providers. From being one of the earliest Internet solution providers, to successfully blending the entire spectrum of Enterprise Microsoft solutions, to seamlessly integrating other IT components and the latest adoption of the Cloud Computing paradigm, RealTimeRental has proven being the bridge between the innovations in the IT world and the businesses that benefit can benefit from them.
We remain committed to provide our Customer with the latest available technology innovations, as they become proven and mature.

Can a brokerage office have more than one computer running RealTimeRental®?
You can have unlimited number of computers / 'seats' within one network / office using RealTimeRental®. In addition, an unlimited amount of users can access the system from their office or any Internet access. There are several access security levels to choose from and the office / system manager has the authority to decide which of these is appropriate for each type of user.

What kind of technical support can I expect from RealTimeRental®?
You can expect us to work with your office in training you to efficiently use the system. Once we’ve got you up and running, you can call us 7 days a week with questions or you can reference our help manuals, our online manuals or email us! You can expect us to answer you promptly and effectively.

Can RealTimeRental® import my current database?
Yes. RealTimeRental® can import most databases. Quotes and recommendations made on an individual basis.

RTR reservation system is swift, user friendly and reliable. We have been
clients of RTR for many years and look forward to continuing a great relationship!
James W.

Checking availability and lease creation is a snap,
especially when you have 10 or 12 agents working on the system at the same time.
The back office reports are so helpful in keeping track
of check in, checkout and money.
Maggie F.-K.

No other system that I have come across has the same capabilities and that's why
I endorse RealTimeRental to any property management company.
Dustin L.

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