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RealTimeRental offers the most powerful secure trusted rental management platform.

The beauty of a cloud based rental management system is that there is no need to purchase hardware or servers to host data for your office. RealTimeRental outsources our hosting to leading world class facilities that provide a secure and stable environment for our clients. RealTimeRental runs inside a private cloud environment at a maximum security datacenter. A private cloud environment means that 100% of the underlying hardware is dedicated to RealTimeRental and its customers. We leave the data hosting to the professionals so you have more time to do what you do best, book properties! Having web based rental reservation software will give you and your team the ability to work remotely from anywhere you have internet access. Rental agents can create leases and coordinate bookings from home and everything is updated in real time. All of your offices pertinent information can be accessed via the RealTimeRental software anytime and anywhere.

Flexible Reservation Searches

Enable your team to search through your rental inventory in a variety of methods resulting in a satisfied rental guest. Find available properties for prospective rental guests by searching by travel dates, within a certain price range, location, amenities and more.

Online Booking

Give your rental guests the ability to create reservations or create online booking holds 24/7 with RealTimeRental’s powerful online booking features. Whether you want a true online booking experience or you would prefer the protection of an online booking hold that your management team approves, RealTimeRental’s online booking features are powerful and secure.

Tenant Portal

RealTimeRental’s Tenant Portal enables your rental guests to login to their secure tenant portal accounts to view details about their bookings. Rental guests can make credit card payments, update their contact information, view past and current leases, and access property details right in their tenant portal accounts.

Customized Rental Agreements

Keep your brand consistency with customized reservation/rental agreements unique to your rental business. RealTimeRental’s reservation/rental agreements are automatically generated when you create a booking in the software with the look and feel of the document entirely up to you.

Arrival and Departure Reporting

RealTimeRental gives your team the ability to prepare ahead of time for check-ins and check-outs. Easily run reports that show what guests your front desk staff should be anticipating and lists of what properties need to be cleaned by your housekeeping team all simultaneously in one reservation system.


Create reservations with ease using RealTimeRental’s S-Calc®, a smart calculator, which provides accurate pricing and payment schedules that are completely customized to your office’s business practices and revenue processing rules.

Property Owner Portal

RealTimeRental’s property owner portal enables your homeowners to view the availability and bookings of their rental property online. If your office chooses to allow them, homeowners can also view owner statements and reserve and block off time for themselves and their guests right on the RealTimeRental property owner portal.

Work Orders

Manage maintenance, housekeeping, and concierge services with RealTimeRental’s powerful work order system. With options to distinguish work orders as non-billable for tracking purposes or billable to invoice property owners, RealTimeRental provides all the rental management tools needed to easily create and track work orders with a detailed work flow so nothing gets lost.

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Take credit cards with an easy one step process with RealTimeRental’s fully integrated credit card processing. Through our integrated gateway partners, Vacation Rent Payment and Slim CD, you can receive credit card payments directly in your vacation rental software.

Travel Insurance + Accidental Damage Protection

Offer your rental guests protection from a variety of uncontrollable events with travel insurance and accidental damage protection plans. RealTimeRental is fully integrated with a variety of nationally known travel insurance companies that will help your office protect guest’s travel investment, offer more protection to property owners, and generate additional revenue for your business.